Luis Ramirez Latin American Artist.

Press Release 2015

Posted on Sunday, October 04, 2015

Luis Ramirez, Latin American artist, architect of the arts, who was working and collaborating in the cultural area of ​​the Canadian Human Rights Organization CHRIO, located in the 1275 Finch Ave. West, since a couple of years ago.

He has ceased to belong to this organization and is under no obligation with the same in the area he had been working on, from the first day of June 2015.

Any cultural activity organized by CHRIO since that date is entirely their responsibility. I will be grateful to this organization to not involve my name in anything nor less mention my name in projects that have to do with grants from government, either before or after his forced departure (eviction) by this organization supported in the personal interests of the same.

Luis Ramirez ( Latin American artist in Canada )

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