Luis Ramirez Latin American Artist.
Luis Ramirez Latin American Artist.

About the Artist, Luis Ramirez

            Canadian Citizen (born in Latinoamerica), graduated from University of Chile and with a professional empiric artistic background which expands for more than 35 years, Luis has specifically focused on developing his talents as a muralist, portrait and landscape artist. His most important work has been recognized internationally in countries outside  were he born, since 1976. He has been done many important exhibits, both individually and collectively, in which his work have been highly praised and recognized.  A well rounded artist, Luis combines music with painting and in 1982 became one of the funding members of ARAUCARA from Chile, a musical group which fusses Latin American folklore music; their main stage has been all of Venezuela, This country gave to  Luis  the oportunity to be came an a professional artist.   In order to further his artistic knowledge, Luis immigrated to Canada in 1986; he integrated himself in the Latin American art scene in Toronto and let himself be known through innumerable exhibits both collective and individual.  Luis was also a part of the Association Latin-American Artists (ASALAV) in Toronto.   

            Once he had established himself in Toronto, he was founded the artistic  JIRART Group. Together they have had a brilliant artistic career having exhibits in important places both internationally and locally; such as The Royal Ontario Museum, City Hall in Toronto, City Hall in Scarborough, City Hall in Ottawa, Quebec, The art gallery of the Colombo Center; Internationally they have exhibited in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic, plus a touring exhibit in France, Egypt and Germany.  By the end of 2003 Luis start to the new futuristic project in the Latin-American community. He found the Fundarte Latinoamérica a non-for-profit  corporation dedicated to promoting the Latin American community’s artistic development in Canada.  The group was founded to make the general public aware of Latin American cultural heritage and to integrate the latin American community into the Canadian main stream, thereby enriching this country’s  cultural mosaic.        

Luis Ramirez has received great recognition for his community related cultural work from organizations and communication mediums such as Ecuadorian Canadian Foundation, Museo de la Casa de la Cultura Benjamin Carrion, Quito Ecuador, Fundacion Guayasamin, Quito Ecuador, Hispanos en Canada TV show, Lion Club Venezuela, Opera House El Cairo Egypt, Dominican Republic Museum and recently he won The Latin American Award Achievement 2003, Toronto Canada in the Art Category. 2nd Award painting category  Latinoamérica National juried Exhibition 2005,Nomination  of The  20  Most  Influence  Latin-American  in  Canada November 2007 and 2008 organize  by  Factor Hispano.

         He lived, visited, exhibited and have art works in places in a few countries such Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, United States, Canada, France, Holland,  Belgun , Germany,  Spain, Portugal,  Grace,  Italy, Turquia   and Egipt.

         Presently Luis finish the three level of Universal Reyke  technique, trough this he  is improving his skill. Also he is  working on few cultural projects:  Permanent Art Workshop for children, teenagers, adults and seniors. He finished  the  ART BOOK how to Drawing and Painting in  acrylic: The metod I  (In just one book he resume the all experience than for 35 years in the artistic field). With the   popular art workshop, together conform  a big  cultural  project in the community: “The masification  of the art in  Latin America”. He finished  “las llaves” seminary of Preb Rawat Hindu Maharaji and received  The four  tecnhiques of the  knolewdge.  At the present time  he  is  working  in  his  second  art book: How  to  painting in  Oleo  tecnhique, also he is working on the thrid book, his Biography,  base of  his  Retrospective on  November 2014.  Finally he will  start  an art proyect  in  El  Salvador on January 2014: Popular art workshop,  scholarship for students of basic school and also encorage the alphabetization in the community.




GROUP SHOW:Latinoamerica 2011, Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery, August -September 2011. Toronto, ON.  Canada. 

SOLO EXHIBITION & Demostration: How to do Oil painting tecnyque.

Holy Trinity School HST.  Celebratión: Hispanic Heritage Month. Toronto ON. Canada.  Abril 2011.

GROUP SHOW:Latinoamerica 2010, Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery, September 2010. Toronto, ON Canada.

GROUP SHOW:Holy Trinity School, April  2010.  Ontario Canada.

NOMINATE:Top 25 Canadian Immigrants 2010.   March 2010.

GROUP SHOWLatinoamerica 2009, Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery, Sept and October 2009.Toronto  ON Canada.

GROUP SHOWRaices Latinoamericanas, Joseph carrier Art Gallery, Colombo Centre, August 2009, Toronto ON Canada.

GROUP SHOW5th Annual Juried Art Exhibition Latinoamerica 2008. Etobicoke  Civic Centre Art Gallery. October 2008, Toronto Canada.

GROUP SHOWFundarte Latinoamerica Art Workshop Westburn Manor Art Gallery. City of Toronto.   July to October 2008. Toronto Canada.

GROUP SHOWHispanic Club, Celebration  of  Eco de la Poesia Mundial, with  the  Art Workshop of Fundarte Latinoamerica,  Mayo 2008.  Toronto-Canada.

COLLECTIVE MURALRitmo y Color Festival 2008, Harbour Front Centre, July 2008, Toronto Canada.

GROUP SHOWCultural  Centre  EL TOTORAL,  El Quisco  -Chile January 2008.

GROUP SHOW:    Huron Azul Art  Gallery,  Manicaragua,  Sta.   Clara Cuba, December 2007  and  creation  of  the  Art work Shop

                              Drawing and Painting on Manicaragua as Fundarte Latinoamerica.

GROUPSHOW     International Contemporary Fine Art Canada Exhibition, Nov. 2007.  Korean Consulate Art GalleryToronto Canada.

SOLO EXHIBITION  Joseph Carrier Art Gallery, Colombo Centre, October 2008, NorthYork, Ontario  Toronto  Canada

GROUP SHOW        Toronto Artists Fine Art Exhibition. Korean Consulate Art Gallery October 2007 Toronto.

GROUP SHOW       4th Annual Juried Art Exhibition Latinoamerica 2007, Etobicoke  Civic Centre  Art Gallery, September andOctober 2007, Toronto Canada.

GROUP SHOW        Color, Ritmo & Tradición.  A Show Case of Latin American Art & Performance, London ON Canada January and February 2007.

GROUP SHOW        Korean and Latin-American Fine Art Exhibition, Korean Consulate of Toronto, ON Canada, September 2006.

GROUP SHOW        Trinity Catolic Holy School, June 2006. Toronto Canada,

GROUP SHOW        3rd Annual Juried Art Exhibition Latinoamerica 2006, Etobicoke Civic Centre  Toronto Ontario-Canada, March 2006

GROUP SHOW         Mosaico Art Exhibition, Living Art Centre, Mississauga, ON Canada July 2005

GROUP SHOW        2nd Annual Juried Art ExhibitionLatinoamérica 2005, Etobicoke  Civic CentreToronto Canada, March 2005.        

SOLO EXHIBITION   La Escondida Art Gallery, Chilean Embassy, Berlin. November 2004.

GROUP SHOW         Expo 2004, Metro Convention Center, Nov. Toronto Canada.                                                                                                                                                                           

GROUP SHOW:         1st. Annual  Juried Art Exhibition Latinoamerica 2004. Etobicoke Civic Centre, Toronto Canada March 2004.

GROUP SHOW     Jirart Group. Phillips Johnson House, Berlin Germany, November 2003.

GROUP SHOW     Toronto Art Council Foundation, Toronto Canada, April 2003.

GROUP SHOW     Jirart Group, Dominican Man Museum, Santo Domingo,  Dominican Republic, February 2003.

GROUP SHOW:    Jirart Group, Opera House, El Cairo Egypt, October 2002.

GROUP SHOW:    Jirart Group, Cristian Siret Art Gallery, Paris, France, September 2002.

GROUP SHOW:    Jirart Group, Con-familiar Gallery, October 2001 Barranquilla,  Colombia.

GROUP SHOW:     Jirart Group, FENALCO, Art Gallery Bogotá, Colombia October 2001.

GROUP SHOW:     Jirart Group, Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto Canada, October, 2001.

GROUP SHOW:       Jirart Group, Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, Colombo Center, Toronto, Canada, July 2001.

GROUP SHOW:     Jirart Group, Casa de la Cultura Benjamin Carrion, Art Gallery, Quito, Ecuador, October. 2002.

GROUP SHOW:       Jirart Group, Felipe Cossio del Pomar, Lima, Peru, September 2000.

GROUP SHOW:         Jirart Group, Marcos Bonta Art Gallery, Santiago de Chile, September 2000.

SOLO EXHIBITION:  Joseph D Carrier Art Gallery, Colombo Center, Toronto Canada, June 2000

GROUP SHOW:          Jirart Group, Enrico Bucci Art Gallery, Santiago de Chile, July 1999

GROUP SHOW:           Jirart Group, Diego Portales University, Santiago de Chile, July 1999

GROUP SHOW:Jirart Group Private exhibition (Elvira Sanchez Residence)  Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada June 1999

GROUP SHOW:Iberoamerican Forum, Foyer Art Gallery, City Hall, Ottawa, Canada, November 1999.

GROUP SHOW:Iberoamerican Countries, Almairous Negreirous Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada, October 1998

GROUP SHOW:Latin-American Horizon, Art Visual, City Hall, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, September 1998

SOLO EXHIBITION:Artist Studio, Toronto, Canada, October 1996.

GROUP SHOW:               Nelson Park, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, July 1995.

MURAL:Carabran 1994, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, July 1994.

GROUP SHOW:Carassagua 1994, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, April 1994.

GROUP SHOW:                City Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, August 1993

GROUP SHOW:                Latin-American Artist Association, (ASALAV) Caravan, June 1993.

GROUP SHOW:                Novo Hotel, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, June 1993.

GROUP SHOW:                Saint Lawrence Center for the Arts, Toronto, Canada, May 1993.

SOLO EXHIBITION         Bank Montreal, Toronto, Canada, December 1992.

GROUP SHOW:                Mel Lastman Square, North York, Ontario, September 1992 Canada

SOLO EXHIBITION:         Corte Real Art Gallery.February 1992.                                                       

GROUP SHOW:                Dialogo en la Diversidad”, Chilean communityToronto, Canada, January 1992.

GROUP SHOW:                 Spanish club, Toronto, Canada, November 1991.

SOLO EXHIBITION:          Militar House, Caracas, Venezuela, May 1991.

SOLO EXHIBITION:          Italo-Venezolana, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, 1990.

GROUP SHOW:                 City Hall, out- door exhibition, Toronto, Canada June 1988.

MURAL:Kensington School, Toronto, Canada, June 1988

MURAL:Costi High School, Toronto, Canada, 1988

GROUP SHOW:203 Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada, August 1986

ANNUAL JURIED EXHIBITION: Drawing and Painting, Region Western Center, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, March 1986

SOLO EXHIBITION:           Central Park, Caracas, Venezuela, July 1985

SOLO EXHIBITION:           Pharmaceutical College, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, August,1985.

SOLO EXHIBITION:           Engineer Center, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, November 1984.

II ANNUAL JURIED EXHIBITION:  Barquisimeto Museum, Venezuela, November 1984.

SOLO EXHIBITION:           Casa de la Cultura, Guanare, Barinas State, Venezuela, September 1984

GROUP SHOW:                   XXI Anniversary of Revenue Republic Department, Lara State, Venezuela, August 1984.

GROUP SHOW:                   Country Club, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, July 1984.

GROUP SHOW:                    IUPEB, University, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, June1984.

SOLO EXHIBITION:           Circulo Militar, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, October1983.

GROUP SHOW:                     IUPEB, University, Barquisimeto, September 1983.

SOLO EXHIBITION:             Venezuelan Spanish Club, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, December 1982.

GROUP SHOW:                     Commerce Club, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, November1982.      

SOLO EXHIBITION:              Pedagogic Institute, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, October1982.

SOLO EXHIBITION:             Viñeta Reception hall, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, September1982.

SOLO EXHIBITION:              Hilton Hotel,  Lara State, Venezuela, July 1982.

SOLO EXHIBITION:              Basic Superior Institute, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, December 1981.

SOLO EXHIBITION:            Golf club, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, November 1981.

SOLO EXHIBITION:            Venezuelan Spanish club, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, July 1981.                                                                   

SOLO EXHIBITION:            Commerce Club, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, September1980.

II ANNUAL JURIED EXHIBITION:  Salón Héctor Rojas Meza, Cabudare, Lara State, Venezuela, September1980

IX ANNUAL JURIED EXHIBITION: Salón Andrés Eloy Blanco, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, September 1980

I ANNUAL JURIED EXHIBITION:    Salón Héctor Rojas Mesas, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, September 1979

GROUP SHOW:                                “Organismos Económicos”, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, October 1978

VIII ANNUAL JURIED EXHIBITION: Salón Andrés Eloy Blanco, Barquisimeto Venezuela, September 1978

SOLO EXHIBITION:                            Casa Falcón, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, March 1978

II ANNUAL JURIED EXHIBITION:    Salón Carmelo Fernández, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, March 1978

VII ANNUAL JURIED EXHIBITION:  Salón Andrés Eloy Blanco, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, September 1977

GROUP SHOW:                                   Hostería Los Sauces, Sanare, Venezuela, April 1977




RECOGNITION:   Latinoamerica  2010, Etobicoke Civic Centre  Toronto, ON Canada March 2010.

RECOGNITION:   Latinoamerica  2009, Etobicoke Civic Centre  Toronto, ON Canada March 2010.

NOMINATE:        Top 25 Canadian Immigrants 2010.   March 2010.

FINAL NOMINATION: On The 20 most influence Latin American  I n Canada 2008 Factor Hispano  Canada.

RECOGNITION:   Latinoamerica  2008, Etobicoke Civic Centre  Toronto ON Canada.

FINAL NOMINATION The  20  most influence Latin American  in  Canada 2007. Factor Hispano   Nov.  2007

CERTIFICATE   “Evento  de Ramon” Manicaragua,  Sta.  Clara-Cuba  November 07

RECOGNITION:    Latinoamerica 2007,Etobicoke Civic Centre  Toronto ON Canada.

RECOGNITION:   Latinoamerica  2006, Etobicoke Civic Centre  Toronto ON Canada.

FINAL ON              At the 32 Annual  Juried Show, Peel Heritage Complez, Brampton,  Canada,  May 2005.

2nd AWARD          Latinoamerica 2005, Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery March 2005.

RECONGITION :   Etobicoke Civic Centre, Latinoamerica 2005.

RECONGITION :   Etobicoke Civic Centre, Latinoamerica 2004.

CERTIFICATE       Chilean Embassy in Germany, December 2004

CERTIFICATE       Ecuadorian Embassy in Germany November 2003

FIRST PRIZE:      Visual Arts 2003, Latin American Achievement Awards, Roy Thompson Hall, September 2003, Toronto Canada

CERTIFICATE:      Guayasamín Fundation, Quito-Ecuador, October 2002.

CERTIFICATE       “Hispanos en Canada” Television Program, Toronto-Canada, 1993-2000.

CERTIFICATE:      Casa de la Cultura Benjamín Carrión, Quito-Ecuador, October 2000. 

CERTIFICATE:      Maxima Magazine, Toronto-Canada, November 1999.

CERTIFICATE:      Peruvian Art, City Hall of Scarborough, Ontario-Canada, September 1998. 

CERTIFICATE:      Ecuadorian Canadian Foundation Inc., Toronto-Canada, June 1998. 

CERTIFICATE:      Ecuadorian Canadian Foundation Inc., Toronto-Canada, June 1997.

CERTIFICATE:      Carabram 94, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Julio 1994.

CERTIFICATE:      Carassagua, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, June 1994

CERTIFICATE:      Ecuadorian Canadian Foundation Inc., City Hall, Toronto-Canada, June 1993. 

GOLDEN PLAQUE:              Latin-American Artists Association “ASALAV”, Toronto-Canada, June 1993.

CERTIFICATE:      COSTI School, Toronto-Canada, May 1987. 

DIPLOMA:             First Drawing and Painting’s competition, Region Western Center, Venezuela, March 1986. 

DIPLOMA:Sociedad Bolivariana Río Claro, Lara State, Venezuela, July 1985.

CERTIFICATE: Revenue of the Republic Department, Lara State, Venezuela, August 1984. 

DIPLOMA: Lions Club of Venezuela, July 1984. 

DIPLOMA:2do. Salón Octavio Alvarado, Juried Exhibition, 1980. 

DIPLOMA:Finalist.1st. Salón Héctor Rojas Meza, Juried Exhibition, Venezuela September 1979. 

ACCESIT: 1st prize winner. VII Salon Andrés Eloy Blanco Juried  Exhibition, Barquisimeto, Lara State, Venezuela, September 1978. 

DIPLOMA:American-Cultural- Exchange, Santiago-Chile, July 1970. 

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